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May 2 2011 2 02 /05 /May /2011 22:51
  • There are many ads on the internet promoting the idea of firing your boss, quiting your job for online home jobs.
  • While there might be a few who may have been successful with online home business to do that, the majority of people will not earn enough money online to do so.
  • Yes, you can make money on the internet.
  • Yes, you can have success, but you have to be careful in giving up your job with online promises.
  • There are people who are making from $1 to $300,000 monthly using the internet. All will not have the same luck.
  • Sell Health Affiliate program can help you make good money online using your website, blog, social media, facebook etc..




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May 2 2011 2 02 /05 /May /2011 15:34
  • There are many home business opportunities on the internet
  • Search for a reputable company to promote
  • Select a company that has products people are interested in, not what you might like
  • Select a company that will pay you on time
  • Select a product that you can promote
  • Promote your products by using blogs, classified ads, social media, facebook,  search engines etc..



Sell Health Affiliate Program is a good program that  will make you money




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May 2 2011 2 02 /05 /May /2011 03:37

There are many affiliate programs online. Some programs are free to join others charge a fee.


Here are some useful tips in choose money amking affilaite programs



  • Chose a program or company that has been operating successfully for a number of years


  • Choose a program that has quick excellent contact and support. Avoid programs that take days to reply to your emails


  • Choose program/product that people are interested in, not what you might like


  • Choose program/product that you can promote and that will pay you good commission per sale


  • Choose programs/companies that pay on time..monthly or bi weekly are good programs


  • Sell Health is the leading health affiliate home business







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